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Medical Cannabis Certifications for Massachusetts and New York patients. 
Individualized Cannabis Consultations.

Certified Responsible Vendor Trainers for the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry.
Cannabis and wellness educational presentations.


I met Caitlin Bernhard about a year ago when I went to get recertification for medical marijuana. I have suffered from pain and insomnia related to spine and auto-immune problems. From the beginning Caitlin was extremely helpful — she listened well and really gave thought to the problems I had and how cannabis could be helpful. She is a kind and very knowledgeable person who encouraged me always to let her know how I was doing, and I have consulted with her several times since our original meeting. Each time she has given me detailed advice including important information about cannabis/medication interactions. She was also very helpful in how to access the forms of cannabis I needed. I recommend her very highly.



I had the privilege of having a coaching session with Caitlin Bernhard.  What I experienced was nothing short of transformative.  With Caitlin’s expert guidance, I was able to access my wise mind and from there, make the best choice for myself.



Caitlin was a pleasure to work with. Having Insomnia and anxiety issues, Caitlin helped me recognize daily behaviors that contributed to these issues and guided me on a path to recovery. Caitlin is easy to talk to, kind, intelligent, thoughtful and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her in the future.



Caitlin’s kind and compassionate care has resulted in one of the most profound improvements in my life and health.  Through hearing my various symptoms, Caitlin recommended a tincture to help manage my anxiety and inflammation, and most importantly - my sleep.  Now, I sleep like a baby every night.  I’m so grateful to Caitlin.  I’d refer her to anyone looking for a health consult.