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“AZALLA” was the first written word for medical cannabis in ancient Sumeria/Mesopotamia, which is now southern Iraq. It was written in cuneiform on clay tablets back in 3000 BC. Ah zal la
“Azalla” gives us a reference for how long humans have known about the therapeutic use of Cannabis sativa (the plant formerly known as marijuana). It is likely that early humans were using this plant far before cuneiform writing was developed. From this perspective, the modern atrocity of cannabis prohibition is a short (albeit destructive) period of time.
At Azalla Wellness we work towards the end of cannabis prohibition and stigma with gratitude towards our ancestors, our growers, our herbalists and medicine-makers, and all of those who have suffered due to the cruel prohibition of this useful and therapeutic plant.


The mission of Azalla Wellness is to promote preventative health and wellness in individuals and the community through personalized wellness coaching and consultations, education, and advocacy.
Our goal is to empower people to take charge of their health and well-being, which can lead to long-term health benefits and increased quality of life. We are passionate about promoting radical wellness practices with a focus on women’s health, whole foods and native plant medicine, mindfulness, and education.
We work to end the stigma around the plant Cannabis sativa that was created out of greed, racism, and exploitation and to return the plant to its rightful place in the garden and pharmacopeia.